How To Handle Cancerian Woman & How Moon Influences Their Life

How To Handle Cancerian Woman & How Moon Influences Their Life

She is extremely loyal and will keep you happy with her warm and rich humor.Once she is committed to you, she will remain yours forever and ever.Adultery is not one of her traits.Modesty is a thing with her.She is not too possessive or jealous. But, she does not like sharing her love too.She is one of those who sacrifice all that they have, for their loved ones.She dislikes criticisms, can’t stand rejection and gets deeply hurt by harsh words.With a Cancerian woman, you will always have to be careful with words.The slightest un­intentional remark can wound her harshly.Be kind to her mother, or she’ll never forgive you. Mother is a lady she won’t like to see abused. The Cancer girl’s sense of humor doesn’t react favorably to mother-in-law jokes.

It doesn’t matter if she is the current ‘Miss Universe’ or has men drooling over her all the time.It makes no difference if she has a figure like Venus de Milo, a face like Helen of Troy and a mind like Aristotle.It is your attention and appreciation she would be most concerned about.You will have to learn to live with a Cancerian woman’s mood swings, which is not so difficult since she is so good in every other way.Experiencing her moods is like watching one of those old-time silent movies.Sometimes the tune is lively and gay; then it gets melancholy and blue.The music is variable, to suit the occasion, never stagnant or monotonous.She’s just a little mad, slightly sad and superbly imaginative.She also knows how to save the shekels.She is quite careful with money.Neither will she be stingy, nor totally extravagant.

She’s sort of predictable in an un­predictable kind of way.She has a habit of saving things that have a sentimental value attached to them.Your savings account may be of unusual interest to her.She won’t look down on you if you don’t have money, so long as you’re the kind of man who tries to get it.She’ll help you make it and save it.A Cancerian woman may be fragile as far as her feelings are concerned, but when you need her, she will be as strong as the ‘Rock of Gibraltar’. She will also be very protective of her children and make them feel completely secure.The children will also be very close to her and no matter how much far they go from home, they will come back to her.

As you know from the other Sun signs, few women are perfect. The Aries girl is always running around hailing her own taxis and butting her head against brick walls, the Sagittarius girl is shockingly outspoken, the Scorpio girl can frighten you, Gemini can be fickle, Leo too proud- and so on. Cancer women ordinarily have none of these faults.Nevertheless, there are some “donts” to remember with Cancerian women.She hates to be criticized, she is deeply wounded by ridicule, and she just can’t stand being rejected.She won’t fail to impress you with her charm.Cancerian women prefer to save their deepest emotions for people closest to them. After you’ve dated other girls and compared them to her, you may go running right back to your female crab, and beg her to hang on again. Tightly.


Full Moon arouse all her latent talents. Under its spell, she can write a poem, compose a song or tear the veil off mysteries the philosophers have pondered for centuries.Moonlight, this is the time when there are maximum chances of catching true emotions. Bundle her off to the seashore at midnight for a walk in the moonlight. That’s when she’ll be at her best.You’re liable to see her whole range of emotions in the space of an hour. A strange transformation will take place when you get the typical Cancerian girl alone on a beach under a full Moon.


Bottom Line From Me: If you love someone and they love you back, then it shouldnt matter what sign you are as long as the two of you make each other happy. After all we human made signs not the other way round. Believe the seen but not too blindly. 🙂


28 thoughts on “How To Handle Cancerian Woman & How Moon Influences Their Life

  1. I don’t agree with your bottom line. I love a gal.. and she is not n Love wid me..!! I am sad, depressed and hate myself..!! Everything matters… I feel just loving someone is not enough… 😦 Right Now, I feel like killing myself..!! I don’t blame her for my situation.. coz from the first day, I knew she doesn’t Love me..!!

    I misunderstood myself.. I thought I have something in myself which will make her fall in LOve wid me..!! EHHHHH…

    P.S. sorry, I’m really sad..!!


  2. U love her..She Knows U Do..She cannot love you back,you know her reason too..And giving up soo early ? But good,sooner the better…more deeper u go more deep it hurts…And BTW what do you want her to do ? If she cannot feel the same way u do…appreciate the honesty rather than looking for every other reason of happiness from a lie….U know how to love and sure u will find one someday ! 🙂 dnt lose hope !Yeah true love is hard to find !


    1. I found real Love in her.. And, I’m not gonna lose hope so easily..!! I’m not gone give up so early… She knows I’m stuborn… I may lose hope sometimes and try to give up.. but then when I see her smiling… I get all charged up and ready for another fight wid her fate… I may lose some fights or battles… But I am gonna this war of Love… thanks for saying don’t lose hope.. She is the ONE.. and I know..!! Her honesty is something pulls me to her..!! Her rejection for me is something I don’t feel rejected… She says she don’t care… but I see the care for me..!! 🙂 thanks for your advice… but I will stick wid her… coz I don’t know where to go else..!! She is my HOME now..!! She is everything to me..!! Her reason is past… one day soon, she forgot that past and wanna move on… at that moment.. I will be there waiting for her… to hold her hand and walk wid her..!! 🙂


  3. Hope is gud but false hope is not good.You want her to be with u all ure life rgt? Than why cant u accept the fact that she will be there for u ure ups n downs as a true fren for life…Is marriage and the relation of husband-wife or bf-gf that imp?Thats’s al that matters?Some pple are just not meant for that sort of relation…I think frenship is one among few relation than can never fade with time.. 🙂 Think abt it !


  4. you know she doesn’t believe in relation of husband-wife… or soul mates..!! same way, I don’t believe in a friendship which lasts forever… and a friendship between a gal and guy… never.. ever…

    I haven’t seen a gal or guy being friends forever… She lives in fantasy world..!! Things changed when u enter a married life… Friends forever changes..!! Your wife/husband doesn’t like the relationship…!!

    The truth is the husband & wife are the best friends for life..!! 2day, badepapa (my grandfather) was telling us that my grandmother was his best friend for 54 years.. She was everything to him.. She never bought a suit or saree herself… all my badepapa used to get it for her…!!

    Her relationship was more like best buddies..!! she was from rich family but badepapa was a govt.teacher at that time.. He used to earn only Rs.55/- per month… my grandmom also used to work as a teacher.. she handled her job & three children so perfectly… dat my badepapa is proud of her so much..!!

    I feel this is the real friendship..!! Now, let me tell u quick story of my best buddy… We were best buddies…!! We promised each other that we will be best friends forever… even after marriage..!! She got married and she stopped contact wid me coz her husband doesn’t like it… and another story… my childhood best buddy from Nusery (play school) onwards… she lives 6 houses next to my home in Jammu… We used to talk wid each other day & nite before she got engaged… Now, she comes online and she knows I’m Jammu… she didn’t tried to contact me or came to meet me… Even I called her and she didn’t recviced my calls… This is the truth abt Friendship & Friends forever..!!

    I have over 2000 cases… that a friendship between a gal & guy doesn’t last forever… Even you try… you’re gonna end up risking your happy married life…!! The only way is to get marry to your best friend than to someone you Love..!! coz Best friend is someone you always need..!! Beauty will fade, you will grow old… Love fades wid time but that friendship lasts forever…

    Even in arrange marriage, if you become each other friends… you will have a great married life or you end up alone… Believe me, it’s not the LOve…!! It’s the friendship, understanding which pulls the car of marriage..!! Love is a spark to start the car but friendship is petrol..!! the best example is my mom dad..!! they have that magic of friendship…!! they understand each other..!! so they pulled 26 yrs of their life.. together..!!

    wat I’m gonna do is give her time..!! Let her decide..!! I know I can keep her happy..!! forever..!! My age of tympass has passed..!! I’m here for a real relationship..!! I liked someone who is just like me but still different.. I’m passionate abt her..!! I know wat all she have gone thru… so I won’t wanna hurt her again..!! I’m not luking for a GF but a life partner..!! A friend for Life..!! and I know SHE IS ONE ❤


  5. WOW now that’s maturity….IDK what to say….Let destiny decide ure fate but remember no matter what happens..everything happens for a reason coz i dont believe in co-incidence ! 🙂


    1. that’s the answer I have been waiting for a LONG TIME…!! The reason is that GOD wants you to be HAPPY…!! Get what you have been missing for a LONG TIME… LOVE, FAMILY, FRIEND, and watever you wished for 🙂


      1. “GOD wants you to be HAPPY” …”You” As In? U Are Addressing Me? I Thought we both were talking abt the gurl u love and I thought I was helping u as a friend 🙂 JK !


  6. i am a cancerian male. and because of you i did check my behavioral pattern in some site of horoscope well most of what was written i could relate to it but then again i could relate to many others from other star signs too. i do not want to believe it how can some planet paint my life (i said do not want not cannot so there is some differences i am just saying i have my doubts 🙂 )i do not want to believe in it because i want to mould my life my behaviors my actions my reactions .i do not want some planet to do it for me .i will believe what i was programmed to believe i heard it in futurama :)you believing in it and me not trying to believe in it well we are programmed :).


    1. @Pawan: Good to know that u are a cancerian male 🙂

      I believe in star signs n anything related to it but that doesn’t mean I follow it blindly.Astrology-numerology they are all a part of study and that too done by humans (so hve to leave some space to doubt that 😉

      True ! We all believe what we want to believe or as u’ve mentioned “…programmed to believe”…


  7. m dating a cancerian female and v both plan to get married after a year or so…i m learning to handle her mood swings. tho sometimes i m clueless wat to do. she jus shuts herself up nd doesn speak to me fr hours nd den suddenly showers so much of love and attention nd in few hours things change again fr worse……………………. i jus wanna kno are d cancerian women fiercely independent wen it comes to matters of money???…………………… der r times she is in need of money nd wen i say i wil do it she gets angry n says i do n wan anyone’s help….nd somehow i feel suddenly detached fr sometime. m a scorpion guy nd i really love her tats y no matter how much she gets angry i keep my cooln deal wit her calmly.


    1. Hi. …the site looks very informative and honest

      Well like the rest of the folks here…I love a cancerian women..however she wants be her friend..which is the most difficult part to accept….I do agree about mood swings and feeling bad for something which is not right


    2. Im a cancerian women dating a scorpio, im facing the same problem too. Just want to let you know.. you might hurt her by words accidentally. She need time to calm down and get her mood right again. Once she is over that, she will move on as usuall.. this is why she will withdraw for a short period. If she really love you. She wont border about small little thing that will stop her moving on with her love.
      Yes, cancerian is very particular about dignity and security .. interm of finance is one of the subject question her capabilities and is an insult to her. So… the best is let her sort out herself first. If she really need your help. She will tell you.
      Best of luck and wush you and your women have a long haul relationship in the future.
      Handle cancerian is easy. Just have to be carefully with her feeling and let her deal with her own problem first. Offer a help is more than enough for her if she ask from you.


    1. Hi Ashish, seems you really love her and want to work out no matter what 🙂

      Well let me suggest you one thing as your well wisher. These zodiac signs reflects a part of our personality but most of which totally depends upon one’s upbringing.

      The blog post above was written by “Jeena,Psychic” and I had shared it coz it made most sense to me.

      I can’t tell with certainty if I am the right person you should seek for advice but as a matter of fact “I am Cancerian” myself and your gf’s situation above sounds very familiar to me.

      Yeah we Cancerian no doubt are moody and unpredictable at most times. Some take this as a negative side while the other take it as a best part. Cancerian can be anything but boring.

      You’ve mentioned that you are a Scorpiop and as far I know Cancerian and Scorpio are very compatible 🙂

      As per her mood swings ,there’s least you can do but I suggest if once you realize that she’s having one of those mood swings, just be a good listener and avoid words as much as possible but show the gesture that you care and love her a lot. She may act unreasonable but just show that you love her and accept every side of her.

      And as far as money is concerned I can tell you, we’re the type that’s least interested in other’s money. Instead we help our partner make one and save as much as possible. Not a gold digger type. We understand the value for every cent. There’ s only one thing we act needy towards and that’s reassurance and love. I don’t know why is it but despite saying ” I love you” time and again, its just feels not enough. We need that reassurance and someone to remind us how beautiful we are, how worthy we are and we are being loved.

      Money, that’s a tricky one again, most Canerians I know, feels as though the sky has fallen down if we have to seek someone for financial help. We either go days without eating or doing another recover the phase,we stay broke instead rather than asking for help. For some reason we feel once we ask for monetary s/he is likely to look down upon us and take us for granted and that’s one thing every person with a high dignity fears the most .

      And also remember don’t take all the no’s to be her answer as a “no”. I know its almost impossible but cancerian live in the fantasy world of their own. They believe in anything magical and believe in Prince in the shining armor. Sometimes we say something but desire something else. Sometimes we wish that without having any need to utter a word,someone would understand our unspoken word. Help with money can be same. She won’t ask but you need to dig into details and help her in directly,though a friends maybe. (Someone she is close with).

      Last but not the least.How moon influence cancerian ? Well for me it does -a lot. There are days when we fall back lacking creativity but the full moon and feels like nothing is impossible or unachievable. Moon lifts our spirit. That’s the time we can either be too moody (worst way you can handle) or be at out best (best you have ever seen). So just be prepared for which personality she might tune in. And also that’s the night cancerians dare to leave their comfort zone and open up. Best time to propose I must say 🙂

      So good luck and god bless!


  8. thanx a lot shrishti….it has helped me a lot nd cleared few things in my mind…m learning and she knows tat m trying hard to handle her mood swings…. i have high levels of tolerance and i can tolerate everthing…smetimes out of anger she says things which almost kills me. but den i remind myself at its part of me now nd i have to deal wit it no mater wat. but i have a problem. ours is a long distance relationship nd its gonna be fr sometime fr sure coz i am a in a kind of work wer i stay away fr months together. she is scred of my job nd tat puts additional pressure on her.i am worried….. wat will she do wen she is going thro swings nd m nt der around to talk to her, calm her down???
    she knows its a gamble she is taking marrying me…but i really wanna take care of her….keep her happy make her smile nd laugh…i kno she needs all tat… nd i wan her to overcome her past too…she is still under effect from her colege life. wen she talks nd tells me things its evident….ders a lot hidden inside her…lot of things which make her sad….lot of questions whose answers she is still looking fr…i jus wan her in my life…


    1. Hi Ashish!

      Well what can I say. When there’s a will there’s a way and if both of you are willing to work-out your relation,nothing can beat you down. On top of that what matters most is that, you love her-a lot it seems, she’s lucky. You have all the right ingredients: love, willingness and tolerance what else to seek.

      Be it distance, job anything-life itself is uncertain but with all these technologies and social media,I don’t really think distance makes much difference nowadays; unless one really wants to create a distance on purpose. Just try your best to keep the communication clear and smooth. Stay connected,and there won’t be much she should worry about. Make your presence felt so that she feels protected and secured.

      You seem to be doing all that you can from your part. She should contribute too (maybe she is). I’m suggesting to control her mood swings. What personally soothes me is when I pour out all my feelings in writing,not necessarily to show or share but just letting it out makes me feel lot better.

      You can ask her to do the same. At times when you are unavailable due to time difference or anything as such,she can write about you. She can even shout and spill her anger on the paper…Later when she’s calm,she may re-read and find that same letter unreasonable and may laugh at her own silliness.

      Writing or simply expressing through any means, helps filter negative emotion, so that no one gets hurt. Think about it, how she would be sharing that she was mad at you at first and had written and even said stupid things about you ,but later as she calmed down she feels silly and unreasonable for acting that way. So this way she is happy ,you aren’t hurt and you know that she was once mad at you (the reason why she was mad at you) but thanks haven, she isn’t anymore.

      God Bless you both.TC!


  9. thanx a lot again for acting as a gr8 insight into her mind…it means a lot to me to kno her more our marriage plans are getting closer things are gettin lil tighter nd pressure is on….i jus hope to keep her happy nd be with her all the way i can nd help her fulfill her dreams nd wishes….i will look upto u again fr guidance..thanx a ton fr now


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  11. Great article (post?) — I am madly in like with an upper-level Cancer woman at work, close to my age! …but rules are rules…I have to be around her level before we could even begin to talk. But…all signs point to it being mutual. She even indirectly said so…like a typical Cancerian. 🙂 I’m a textbook Leo guy with a childhood full of tremendous abuse — which makes me very sensitive to others and easily hurt, myself — and to be honest, I’ve never been in love, only lust. With this one, it’s love. And I care very much for her. I hope that I have the patience for the slow-cooker process it seems to take — which is perfect for the situation! Any extra tips would be helpful!


    1. Thanks for liking the post. Honestly, I am no expert here but the article was compiled referring to various sources also with few of my own experiences and that of the people I know. Myself being a cancerian women helped me a lot to compile this blog- post. Anyways, I would have to suggest, I would say, don’t just go with signs but confirm. A friendly gesture perhaps to know what she exactly feels about you and hopefully you are right and your feelings are mutual. Speaking of rules – some are there for a reason and best to follow if that keeps you in one piece. As for company rules, there’s only so much we do about it. I hope your next step here would be wise and well thought through. Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. my gf is a cancerian…everything is fine with her.she is a really nice loving girl but her mood swings are something so terrible that i really fear them..we would be normally talking or discussing something and she would also agree to my point of view but would suddenly feel bad about something she herself doesnt know and then end up shutting me out for a day or two..those two days are like in hell for me.i love her and i cant see her in any of this pain for so long time.but even trying to contact her is of no use.she shuts herself completely 😦


  13. Hi I am a Pisces guy and I had crush on a cancer girl since I was in 5th grade she used to live in a building next to my building but due to some condition my family shifted to another city not too far like 30 kilometres only so I never got a chance to talk with her then after completing my studies I got job in Saudi Arabia and I am currently working in Saudi Arabia but some days before I found her on facebook almost after 11 years she accepted my friend request and we started talking at first we talked about our studies, job, family and all than suddenly she asked me about my love life whether I have a girlfriend or not I said no I don’t have but I told her that I had crush on 1 girl from my childhood so she started asking me that girls name I just changed the topic I thought she will forget but no she kept on asking me the name for 3 days and on third day she swear me on herself so I told her that I had crush on her so she told me that she knew already but wanted to hear from me then I ask her how she knew about this she said one of our mutual friend told her and same friend had informed me that she has a boyfriend now and they are going to get married so I asked her about this and she said that it is not final yet then after talking on facebook for 1 week she gave me her number herself and asked me to text on WhatsApp so 1 day while talking she told me that she had seen me 2-3 times near her building when I used to live there in fact she also remembers the colour of my t-shirt which I was wearing that time actually I used to wear 1 yellow colour t-shirt whenever I used to go near her building to see her it was my favourite t-shirt now we talk daily but the thing is sometimes she talks a lot but sometime she just answers in 1 word and that’s really annoying to me because then I feel that she doesn’t want to talk and I am forcing her to talk with me like this she behaves with me sometimes. Now that’s my story till now and I am really confused about this I keep thinking about her everytime can’t concentrate on my work not able to sleep I know this is 1 sided love but I love this girl and sometimes I feel that it is not right to love a girl who already has a boyfriend I really don’t know what to do I just know I love her and she is the 1 for me…


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