God Bless All U Blessed People !I Feel Sorry For You!

I feel sorry for all you fortunate and blessed people for you all cannot see what i can see,coz you have never been abandoned to let that hero out from you,I feel sorry for how dogmatic you all can be.You can never be me,you all thank god for that (maybe) and i too thank god for the same.I am not surprised that my own frens misunderstood me.How can i ever expect anyone to ever understand me .Misunderstood and i am to blame.

I hope you all got who I am referring to?Yes !… I don’t love him, no I don’t. But I have never tried to deceive him like you all think I have. Playing with someone else’s true feelings? Can’t even think about it. I know how that feels like-TO BE USED.

You all think that I am hanging him on coz I am enjoying all this attention right? That’s all you all can think of, that’s it? Either its love or it’s none huh?  One big fat fact is that, I don’t love him and I have made myself clear. But I do appreciate his concern & love coz I know how it feels like to love someone and not get that love in return.

 Someone willing to love you does not necessarily wants to want you, while your presence alone can give him/her a reason to be happy. If I can’t give him love that  doesn’t mean I have the right to deprive him of his happiness?

If in case you happen to be reading this and like my gurly’s ,if you also are in misconception about me giving you wrong signs than I say it here aloud on my blog I DON’T LOVE YOU,I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO LOVE YOU.I cannot welcome anymore mess in my life as its messed up already. Tell me, if I have never made things clear; tell me if I have given you any wrong signs? Tell me if I have ever tried to deceive you and tell me if I have ever acted pretentious of loving you? I always made things clear and I am sorry if you have misinterpreted.

I know “We Don’t Have to Justify Anybody For Being Ourselves.” I know world doesn’t care but somehow they notice. Notice you and your acts, not out of concern but as a source to entertain themselves.

All you blessed people are way too fortunate to ever understand me, to even try to fit yourself in my shoes & experience the things that I’ve experienced. God bless all you blessed people. And people like me who are the fatal victim of fate shall keep justifying ourselves with words (but I know, no amount of words alone can ever gonna feed you enough).You all always want more.

You think I am seeking attention huh? Talking about it… “ATTENTION” Pays you attention when you are least attentive. It happens to people who fall prey to bad fate. Like a burning candle gives you light but closer u get,u will be able to see the deep darkness beneath the light. That’s why I say “You Are A Victim And You Are On The News.” Hot & spicy news that keeps the world entertained. Yall want me and more people like me to suffer so that  yall can be entertained right? Emotions Are Truly Sellable;Ones Emotions Can Be A Source Of Entertainment For Someone Else Somewhere.

Human history defines it all. Main source of entertainment is to gaze at someone else’s life.Where do you think all the cock figting, wrestling, soap operas, movies, music videos and lyrics etc came from?  All you concerned people…at times do also look beneath your shoulder.

All the drama,It’s entertaining isn’t it? It’s entertaining to see someone suffer, to pity them and when the same unfortunate gets fortunate..You envy them or worst -you get jealous and look for every other reason to hurt them. Yall enjoy watching them suffer so that u feel fortunate to see someone less fortunate. While someone somewhere be traumatized, world seem to be judging them and throwing blunt comments on them. It’s easy to comment but I bet your assumed words will never take the same action if that same situation befalls you. Easier said than done.It’s easy to raise a finger at someone but be aware! ‘Coz while you use one finger to point towards somebody the other three will be pointing back to you.


7 thoughts on “God Bless All U Blessed People !I Feel Sorry For You!

      1. you know the first thing I do when I get up… is go through all the sites, messengers & your blog to read… (what you wrote)…!! and a SMILE is for.. dat nuthing & none can change anything between us..!! 🙂


  1. “I know “We Don’t Have to Justify Anybody For Being Ourselves.” I know world doesn’t care but somehow they notice. Notice you and your acts, not out of concern but as a source to entertain themselves” very true that i too have given a thought to it .. the rest of the written one grim yet very true about we humans ..we do tend to entertain our self through others ..well the joke ain’t funny when played upon us is it hai …

    also about the pointing finger i just noticed that when you are pointing finger at someone three finger points at you but there are two fingers pointing at them too 🙂


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