View Nepal Through Eric Valli’s Lens

Very few who haven’t heard of Eric Valli, the man behind the Oscar-nominated Himalaya (Caravan).

Valli is a photographer, a filmmaker, and a traveler who lived in Nepal for a long time. Valli shares a deep love of the Himalayas, and he says he wouldn’t mind coming back to Nepal if the political climate improved.

Valli’s work has appeared in the National Geographic Magazine, for whom he covered the famous honey hunters of Nepal, which won the first prize at World Press Awards. He was the director of the second unit for the Brad Pitt-starrer Seven Years in Tibet. _________________________________________________________________________________


Q:How Did Your Fascination With The Nepalese Himalayas Begin?

* I came there as a climber and basically fell in love with the people who live there.

Q:As A Photographer Cum Director, What Do You Think Are The Role Of Visual Images In A World Fascinated By The Internet?

* The medium is not so important. A good picture or (a good) film will always be a good picture or film.

Q:Is Travelling A Medium Of Understanding Even Today, In A World Of Conflicting Cultures?

* I think that if more people would travel not as a tourist but as a real traveller, meaning (they would) take the time to understand and communicate with different cultures, the world would be much better off.

Q:You May Have Heard That The Nepali Government Has Declared 2011 As Visit Nepal Year. Do You Think It Is A Good Idea?

* Nepal has a great aura in the Western World but it needs to sort out its own problems. When those are done, everything will go well, including tourism, business, and human rights.

Q:Can We See You Returning To Nepal Once Again?

* If I lived 20 years of my life in Nepal, it was because I love your country. I am very sad, but not so surprised actually, to have seen such dramatic events of these last 15 years. When I get the feeling that things are becoming more balanced, I wouldn’t mind bringing back another big project. You have a unique culture and nature, and I believe that we could once again do a great movie together.

Source: eKantipur


View Nepal Through Eric Valli's Lens

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