I’d Love To…

I’d Love To Write A Book And Have All My Writing Published 😉
I’d Love To Be On The Oprah Winfrey Show And Get Interviewed 🙂
I’d Love To Voice-Over In An Animated Movie $hrek..If There Are More Sequels Coming.. If Not I’d Love To Just Voice-Over In Any Other Animated Movies 😉
I’d Love To Compose A Song And Become A Professional Lyricist 🙂
I’d Love To Experience All Water Sports .White Water Rafting, Boating (Have Done That)..Wanna Try Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Jet Skiing, Canoeing And All The Rest… 🙂
I’d Love To Walk The Great Wall Of China 🙂
Visit Greece! Learn AWA Observe Advanced Early Civilizations There 🙂
I’d Love To Visit Chocolate Factory In Switzerland & Bring All Varieties Home $lurp 😉
I’d Love To Go On A Vacation To Andaman And Nicobar Islands 🙂
I’d Love To Trek Into Earth’s Oldest Rainforest 🙂
I’d Love To Swim And Dance With Dolphins 🙂
I’d Love To Go For Rock Climbing (Not The Indoor) 🙂
I’d Love To Own A House By The River Or In The Hollywood Hills! Not Bad 😉
I’d Love To Paraglide Over A City 🙂
I’d Love To Own All Breed Of Dogs..Prolly Someday ! 🙂
I’d Love To Open And Own A Disneyworld Here In Nepal 🙂
I’d Love To Learn Salsa Dance 🙂
I’d Love To Host My Own Venturing Experience @ TLC (Travel And Living Channel)..Or Maybe Host My Own Talk Show 🙂
I’d Love To Plan A Ceremony @ Ice-Hotel Quebec, Canada. Could Be My Sister’s Grand Marriage Ceremony ! LOL 🙂
Rather Than Being Famous And Known By The Unknown All Around The World… I Would Choose To Be Famous Among My Friends From All Around The World 🙂
I’d Love To Go Ski In The Switzerland 🙂
I’d Love To Get A Tattoo From One Of The Best Tattoo Artist In The World 🙂
I’d Love To Cruise Around The World 🙂
I’d Love To Ride Horse In The Woods With Robinhood (Russell Crowe Will Be Fine)LOL ! 😉

I’d Love To Dream…Dream Big…Dream As Many And As Big As Possible…Coz If Not All Atleast Some Will Come True..I Want To Celebrate My Living While I Am Still Alive…(Living & Being Alive),That In Itself Is No Less Than An Occasion Or A Reason To Celebrate, Isn’t It ? No Dream Is That Big! So Cheers And Yes Dream On!


2 thoughts on “I’d Love To…

  1. Hoping and praying that my wishes will come true…So that i can make all my parents and family-frens proud (including myself)..I know it will come true and soon i will write another blog abt wat i wished for and how it got fulfilled 😛


    1. I wish all the best… I know you’re gonna make everyone PROUD… and soon!! I will waiting for your another blog abt wat u wished & got fulfilled..!!


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