I Better Die Another Day

I Survived My First Ever Major Bike Accident.Or Else June 18 2010 ,Friday-Could Be It (Haha).

I Was All Set To Leave For Home As Usual…..Jst Then…Saw Deeps Crying….I Holed Myself Back,Hugged Her And Tried And Consoled Her With Few Words.I Can Imagine How Hard It Must Be To Lose Someone So Dear To You……(Instinct )Voice Inside Me Told Me ..Maybe I Should Stay Longer With Her….But No I Left…B4 Stepping Out Of That Gate I Felt Guilty….Thought Maybe I Should Go Upstairs,Update Any1 And Have Them Take Care Of Her..But Despite Thoughts Pulling Me Back I Chose To Leave And Headed 2wrds Home.

Started My Bike..Had Just Crossed A Local Shop Near By,There..Almost Got Hit By Another Bike(Accident 1)…..Lil Further ,Turning Point Almost Turned Me Upside Down Hehe…Was A White Car(Accident 2)…..

Was Thinking…Maybe Todays A Bad Day For Me…..JUST THEN……I Got Hit By White Micro(BIG ONE)…..I Was Spinning Around In Bike On The Ground In The Middle Of The Road …Between Soaltimod And Kalimati.One Side Of My Body Got Dragged And Still Remember My Head Hitting Hard On The Ground….My Half Helmet Didn’t Supported Left Side Of My Head.But I Was Fortunate As There Was Not Much Vehicle Running On The Street Or Else Worst Could Have Happened. Not Much Of An External Injury Though…But One Side Of My Face Is Lil Protruded As If Swollen. Maybe Swollen….Neva In My Life Had I Faced Death So Close.

B4 I Could Even Think Wat Was Happening Or If It Was Really Happening..I Was Surrounded My Strange Faces And Traffic (Funny,But I Really Felt Awkward)….I Cant Say Whether O Not I Was Feelin Alrgt BUT More Than The Shock,More Than The Pain….I Wannet To Get Off That Crowd….Told Traffic To Let Go Of That Van/Micro Watever As I Wasn’t Sure If It Was Really That Drivers Fault.

I Then Drove Slowly Towards Home And Told Mom Abt The Incident…Typical Mom She Freaked Out Lke Anything(lol)….I Went Off To Sleep As My Head Was Feeling Really Heavy….Got Up After 3 Hrs Only To Realize That My House Was Full(Full With Relatives)Ha Ha…Good Thing I Gave Them All One Reason For A Get Together Ha Ha!…While They’re All Busy Making Arrangement I Am Here Using Facebook LOL.

June 18 2010 ,Friday-Could Be It!!! Nooo Wayzzzz No Way!! Not Soo Soon..I’ve Got What It Takes To Survive And I Will.I BETTA DIE ANOTHER DAY And That Another Day Shall Be On My 80’s.Mr Yamraj ! U Betta Make A Note Of That.I’ve Got Unfulfilled Dreams To Fulfill..Gotta Mke It To USA,Where My Sista Is..Gotta Be Rich N Famous ..Gotta Marry My Mr Right And Have Kids….. 😉

2 Of My Beloved Fren’s Death The Same Week And This Incident Has Made Me Realize….Nothing Is More Worthy Than Ure Soul..No! Not Even Ure Body(Which U Wrk On Everyday)..Not Ure Face(That Pple Identify U With)….Not Ure Possession(As It Wont Remain Forever)..Not Ure Money(As Money Dnt Belong To No1)….Not Ure Pride(As It May Fade Some Day)…No! Nothing At All…

Lying On My Bed,Using FB….Recalling That Very Incident And Contemplating….Wat If??What If I Was Dead???Would I Be Missed ?Who All Would Miss Me??And For How Long??Would I Miss This World???

Our Existence B4 And After Life Still Leaves All Of Us In Ambivalence. We Cant Do Anything Abt It But Jst Wonder.Thanx To My Blog And These Social Networking Sitesl..With It I Can Try N Make My Ineffable Voice Reach All My Loved Ones….As I Dnt Let Strangers Be/Remain Stranger For Too Long HeHe…That’s Me.

I Am All Abt Being Expressive..Thats Jst Soo Me……I AM….NOT BCOZ I AM…BUT…BCOZ…I FEEL…

$hri§T 🙂

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