Ignorance A Bliss !

Are We Cool Or Wat? Or Maybe We’re A Fool? We Somehow Find The Pleasure Of Paradise While Still Present In Hell. We Aint Scared Coz Its Jst Too Hard To Scare Off A Fool.

Talking About Maoist Insurgency In Nepal And Indefinite Bandha! Too Bad U May Think? Noo Ure Wrong. It Aint That Bad Coz Streets Of Ktm Still Colorful And Pple Still In Bliss (Out Of Ignorance That Is). Threat Is Complacency. Got Off Frm Work So ?-Relax ! ; )No school /College So ? –Chutti ! ; ) No Vehicles Running So ? -No problem! No pollution! .Some Pple Simply Walking Their Dogs While Some Enjoying Their Leisure On The Empty Road, Children Playing On The Middle Of The Street As If It’s Some Kind Of Holiday Declared By The Government (LOL! What a parody?)

Similarly Talking About Childhood In General:As A Lil Gurl Was Always In A Rush To Grow Up Fast.Thought Life Would Rock If We Didn’t Had To Do Our Daily Homewrks,No Tension Of Terminal Exam And Board Pressure …As A Child Was Scared Of Being Picked On,In Front Of The Whole Classroom For A Question That We Know No Answer Of..Those 8 Text Books And Exercise Books For Each Was The Only Load On Our Shoulder Then… Fear Of Not Knowing Much Nd Not Being Smart Enough Was Only The Fear We Feared.

But Now That We’ve Grown Up… Wish To Become A Child Again.Seen And Known Enough And More We Know,Just Don’t Wanna Know No More….Perception Of Life And Those Whom We Used To Idolized Changed As We Grew Up….

When We Were A Toddlers Our Parents Would Understand Us,Taking Clues From All Those Babbling A Child Would Do….We’ve Become So Called Learned People Now…But Hve Lost Innocence And Losing Innocence In Itself Distant Us From God.

Can Express Ourself So Very Well Now,But What’s The Use?..Despite Which-No1 Really Understands. Have To Scream On Top Of Our Lungs To Make Our Voice Be Heard….Have To Juggle Like A Joker Or Cover Ourselves With Make Up To Make Our Presence Felt… So That U Will See,So That They Will See..So That They Know Am Here…IYes ! Do Exist..And Not To Forget….I Feel Just Like You Do (Now Even More).I Rather Wish Not To Know Nothing And Become A Child Forever Coz Ignorance Is A Bliss And Innocence Takes Us Closer To God-§hri§T

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