What I Meant Isnt Alwayz What I Said!

When I Say I Dnt Believe In Love ,I Actually Want You To Make Be Believe In One.When I Say I Don’t Love You, I Mean To Hear U Say “I Love You”

When I Say There Is No Such Thing As True Love That Exists, I Actually Wanna Hear You Say “It Does”When I Say Nothing Lasts 4ever ,What I Mean Is To Hear U Say “This Will” .

When I Say I Am Letting U Go, I Actually Wanna See If You Too Would Want To Let Go Of Me.When I Say Happy Endings Is Possible Only In Fairy Tales & Dreams, I Actually Wanna See U Make My Dream Turn Reality.

When I Say I Am Not Perfect ,I Mean To Hear U Say “2gether We Are” .When I Say I Am Strong ,I Actually Want To See U Get Down On Ure Knees And Make Me Weak.

When I Say I Am Betta Off Alone,I Mean To Say,“I Need Someone To Hold”When I Say I Am Complete In Me,I Actually Want You To Complete Me.

When I Saw I Am Gonna Be Just Fine,I Meant To Say “Its Gonna Take Lotta Tyme” .When I Say I Hate You,I Mean To Say “I Wish I Could Hate U But I Cant So I Hate Myself For That”.

When I Say I No More Wanna Live,I Mean To Say,“How Can I Live Without You”.When I Say Goodbie,I Actually Want U To Plead Me To Stay Or Even Cry.

I Know I Know! It Is Not Easy To Access Someone Else’s Unconscious Mind But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Impossible. Unless U Are Suffering From Autism And U Go“ My Name Is Khan And I Don’t Understand The Unspoken” LOL!!

What World I Am Living In? So Aware Of Reality But Still In Denial. So Caught Up In Impossible That Possible Seems Impossible To Me.Therez No Prince Charming!!Therez No Happy Ending!!Therez No True Love Or Happily Ever After!!But Again …I Believe There Is.

They Say It “The Only Way To Achieve Impossible Is To Think Its Possible” .So I Continue To Dream On And Think This Impossible As Possible.

  • If U Were Unreal I Would Still Accept My Fantasy Over Reality.
  • If I Could See U Only Wid Eyes Closed Than I Wouldn’t Mind Closing It Forever.
  • If U Say U Don’t Feel Nothing..Then I Would Say No Wonder I Feel 2wice.

Yes! Yet Another Alice And I Believe, There’s A Place Called Wonderland,


There’s A Place Called Wonderland!

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