Unreasonably Reasonable I Am!

Don’t Need Any Reason To Smile, But There Must Be Some Reason If I Cry? Not Necessarily Do I Need To Know The Reason Why, But These Tears Just Roll And I Wonder Why?I Am Just Trying To Find The Reason Behind The Unreasonable

Doesn’t Have To Be Rich To Own,
Doesn’t Have To Be Poor To Owe.

Doesn’t Always Have To Pain To Gain,
Sometimes Losing Helps Regain.

Doesn’t Have To Be An Occasion To Celebrate,
Doesn’t Have To Have 1000 Friends To Find One Soul Mate.

Doesn’t Have To Fail To Succeed,
Yes I Do Smoke: That Too Weed ;)

Doesn’t Have To Be Dawn To Pray,
Doesn’t Have To Feel Alone To Stray.

Doesn’t Have To Be Saint To Be Sane,
Its Normal Even U Go Insane.

Doesn’t Have To Be Fat To Work Out,
Doesn’t Have To Be Stress To Freak Out.

Doesn’t Have To Be The Music To Dance,
Doesn’t Have To Rain To Romance.

Doesn’t Have To Be Sunny To Tan,
Doesn’t Have To Do It Just Thinking U Can.

Doesn’t Have To Be ill To Pill,
You Don’t Always Have To Pay The Bill (LOL) ;)

Doesn’t Always Have To Quit To Start,
Doesn’t Have To Be Abnormal To Retard.

Doesn’t Have To Refrain From Bad For Good,
Doesn’t Have To Be Hungry To Crave For Food.

Doesn’t Always Have To Be Happy To Smile,
Doesn’t Have To Take A Flight To Cross Miles.

Doesn’t Have To Die To Be Born,
Doesn’t Need No Reason To Be Resentful And Scorn.

Doesn’t Have To Be Rude To Be Mean,
Doesn’t Have To End Just To Begin.

Doesn’t Have To Have Wings To Fly,
U Can Fall Yet U Can Still Go High.

Doesn’t Have To Be Dancer To Dance Or A Singer To Sing,
Doesn’t Have To Be; Doesn’t Have To Be…………..

Doesn’t Always Need Reasons To Be Reasonable, Or No Reasons To Be Unreasonable.Coz Unreasonably U Can Still Be Reasonable.

I Know Not All Questions Have An Answer But Why So Many Question For No Answer? Yes! Unreasonably Reasonable I Am.


2 thoughts on “Unreasonably Reasonable I Am!

  1. u hv the answer in u which u don’t accept or still ignore for every tears you shed. Feelings are more complicated to be defined! Certain things can’t be defined by words……..those are the words of heart………. Tht we follow without any reason


    1. I am afraid i cant deny on this thought if urs too…Hmm guess there will never come a day when i will ever get to prove u wrong Romeo but i will look arnd every nook and find it 🙂


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