Serving Minds Should Be Named Surfing Minds!

Those Who Are Disloyal 2wards Their Work…What Loyalty Can We Expect From Them? These Are The People Who Spit On The Same Plate They Eat From… Keeping Any Sort Of Social Or Emotional Expectation From Them Is Like Trying To Tame A Wild Hound Who Only Feeds Blood; They Will Suck U Till Your Last Breathe.

On Contrary If The Employer Overlooks Employee’s Efficiency And Disregards His/Her Handwork Than Such Company Is Likely To Collapse Coz All It Generates Is Disloyal Employees Instead Of $$$$ (TIT FOR TAT)

Life Is All About Give And Take .Farmer Sow To Make Plants Grow And Gain Some Profit Out Of It. Even Our Parents Educated Us So That They Could Rely On Us When They Grow Old. And Here We Are Today Working…FOR CHARITY??Are We Working Hard Everyday To Gain…NOTHING?? Ohh Experience-Right Right …But All Ure Experience Will Go Take A Hike When U Will Really Be Starving To Death.Money On Todays World Not Only Talks It Actually Knows How To Walk The Works.


5 thoughts on “Serving Minds Should Be Named Surfing Minds!

  1. i dont get it….
    so r u expert in telling bitter truth or r u wailingout ur frustrations ???
    r u educating about wat pays off in the end or r u discouraging ppl to gain experience ???
    or r u just try to hide by coming out ???
    wat is this article about ???


    1. Well D ! Part of me wailing out n telling the truth but again i cant jst focus on one side so being lil diplomatic here and speaking in favor of both….Confused huh? So am i lol 😉

      Not meant to discourage any1 u ureself used to tell “Every coin has 2 sides ” Remember?? If u are an employer u will nod ure head with approval on reading this ..and if u were and employee u would still nod ure head in approval Ehh 🙂

      Therefore this article is similar to this expression….”we dnt learn what is taught…we learn what we understood 😛


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