If It’s Not Food That I Am Craving? What Am I Hungry For?

I Have Been Stuffing Myself With Food Whether Or Not I Am Hungry, Whether Or Not The Food I Am In Taking Is Delicious…I Keep Filling Up Myself Until The Foods From My Refrigerator Is All Empty Or Until I Feel Too Tight At My Belly & Go Numb.

My Mom Is Really Surprised To See This Behavior Of Mine. I Don’t Know What This Craving Is All About?Morbid Maybe?Or Maybe I Am Trying To Fill This Emptiness Inside Me,Which Can Never be Fulfilled By Food Alone?IDK For Sure!!

I Know I Am Inviting Trouble,I Am Aware But At The same Time I Have No Control Over It.I Know Something Is Bothering Me And Chipping The Part In Me,Little-By-Little..But I Can’t Figure What Exactly Is Bothering Me?

If It’s Not Food That I Am Craving ? What Am I Hungry For?Now,Don’t Tell Me I Need To Hit The Gym…I Think I Need To Hit A Rehab!


2 thoughts on “If It’s Not Food That I Am Craving? What Am I Hungry For?

  1. nah!…U cn choose 2B happy or sad & wHTevr U choose tht is wht U get.No one is really responsible 2make someone els happy or sad…so.. choose the way u want !!! dream d dream u want to dream !! live d way u wnt to!!!!
    so don’t cling ovr wht happend…. n stress ur head !make 2day worth ,, so thr wont b resonz to regret later!,, after tonz of hurdles .. we get wht we really deserve!! so tht ws wht happend y’dy! all u gotta do is << forget tht n move on !!
    n u kno wht?? all those r jus n excuse to kill tht so called emptyness!! ………..


    1. Ehhh nice one Angie …. i do respect ure thought…but pple’s thought change as circumstances in their life takes a turn…but i can feel it..’ve got that rgt “let go” attitude and that’s fair enough !! 🙂


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