Falling For The Impossible, Running After The Unachievable.

All This Time I Was Questioning Myself “Why Is It That I Always Fall For Some1 Who Seem To Feel Nothing For Me And Those Who Does Feel For Me-I Don’t Feel The Same Way About Them? Why??”

I Think I Know Now What Exactly My Problem Is. I Am In Love With Impossible.Sth That’s Not Possible Attracts Me,Sth That Seems Unachievable Lures Me, Complicated Relationship Challenges Me. While On The Other Hand Sth Obvious And Approachable Disinterests Me. I Can Clearly See It Now…..

I Am In Love With Nobody…I Just Have This Craze For Impossible. Moment Someone/Something Becomes Mine, I Don’t See Any Charm In It And I Lose Interest From It. Moment I Owe Sth It Becomes Worthless To Me (Not Necessarily That It Is Worthless)….And I Ponder! Does This Happen To Everyone Else Or Is It Just Me? I Guess It’s The Same For Most Of Us But Not All Would Want To Admit It.

So If U Are Committed, In A Relationship, Unavailable Or Disinterested In Girls (Me In Particular)…..BE AWARE!!………..Coz I Might Be Interested In You LOL ;)

Not That I Will Approach U But Chances, I Might Fall For Someone Unavailable And All I Do About It Is Cry, Write About It On FB Status, Create A Poem Or Add Up A New Journal To My Blog (Ehh).

No Wonder My Life Is So Complicated Coz Somehow I Myself Seem To Be Inviting This Complication And Enjoying This Drama In My Life. I Seem To Gain Some Sort Of Pleasure Out Of This Pain. Falling For The Impossible, Running After The Unachievable And Solving This Riddle Of Confusion Seem To Make My Life Dramatic….Grr!!I Have No Control Over It But Follow The Same Cycle Time N Again.

How Can I Ever Be Happy If I Continue doing This To Myself. My Disease Just Got Diagnosed…Now I Need To Find Out The Cure For It. Well, My Interpretation Might Be Wrong …..Prove Me Wrong-Somebody Plz – I BEG!!


2 thoughts on “Falling For The Impossible, Running After The Unachievable.

  1. i agree the line where u speak for ones who does not wanna admit and yet we all go thru this at one point. the thing is, one shud not just advocate on the problems..look for solutions…u find- u solve. u dont find…look for it again…then if still fail then screw em….i bet there is sth out there tat u enjoy and never get tired of it..flip channels for instance ;p


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