Let Me Let Go

Saw You Today After A Long Time.Oh Goss! That Face, Those Eyes…For A Second I Thought It Was Happening For Real Until I Woke Up And Realized It Was Just A Dream (Thank God It Was Just A Dream).Next Thing I Notice Is; My Pillow Cover Is All Soaked With Tears And My Heart Beating Faster Than Ever….(I Still Get Goosebumps When I Think About It). You Wouldn’t Want Me To Let Go Of You, Isn’t It? Whenever I Am Trying To Move On, That’s When U Come Around to Remind Me That U Still Exist.

Inadvertently U Make Me Revert Back But I Want To Move On….I Know U Don’t Want To See Me Happy But I Want To Smile Again And Be Me Like I Used To Be..Plz Learn This Fact That,Now I Scorn U Even More. I Hate U Gajneesh!I HATE YOU………….

Aug 13 2010 (Friday)

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