Is It Time That Changes People Or Is It People That Changes In Time?

Acceptance comes along with time. People’s opinion and judgment changes. Time change, attitudes change and so does people and their thinking change. What seems to be wrong now, may be considered later. This poll of good/bad – wrong/right has never remained constant.

Every change along with it brings many questions. This change in trend is normally brought about by those few people out of millions who are not afraid to speak their heart out, whether or not their ideas match the ideals or expectations of majority.

Change is one very essential part of life. People don’t understand, some don’t accept the change , some cannot adapt it easily and some criticize…but being criticized is in a way healthy coz without which u wouldn’t come up with satisfying answer.

Who are we to decide what is wrong/right? After all we are all just puppets trying to move along with time. Looking back at our own human history…change has always been the trend.Maybe that’s why they say “World is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.

Change in itself brings revolution. Change is not readily accepted but it is better to risk failure than regret of having not tried at all.

Is it time that changes people or is it people that changes in time??This has always been a question I ask myself again and again…I ponder over this same query time to time.But till date i haven’t come up with any satisfying answer….maybe accepting change and not questioning is itself an answer.


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