Too Much Love Kills !!

Loving Is Neva Too Hard But The Fear Of Not Being Loved In Return..THAT KILLS…Giving 200% And Not Even Getting 25% In Return..THAT KILLS…Trusting Some1 Soo Much And Being Betrayed In Return..THAT KILLS …Living One Fairy Tale And Suddenly One Day U Realize It Was All Fake..THAT KILLS..If Loving Is All About Killing Then I Better Not Love At All!! ($hri§T)

4 thoughts on “Too Much Love Kills !!

  1. u hav to believe tht being wit sumbody who makes u feel shitty or doesnt honor the person u r is worse. We all myk mistakes, we all at sum point fall for those who r not worthy enuff, they r not worth tht luv, not worth our tears, n definitely not worthy enuff to break us down. The way they leave us wit this vague feelin , they just leave us
    witout so many question but not any answer/reason, witout any explanation, we end up wit so many assumptions thinkin may b this or tht myte have made them walk away. I know its hard to get over tht phase but we hav no other choice. It upon us to decide if we really wanna be stuck wit those bitter part or we move on n not waste another damn second of our valuable tym on things those are gone, no matter wut we do we cant change the things tht are done in the past, n fighting it wont get us anywhere either so the most important thing is to hold on and get thru those things..cuz we all myk mistakes n Mayb mistakes r wut myk our fate… witout them wut wud shape our lives? Maybe if we had neva veered off course we wudnt fall in luv or gone thru those dark phase we wudnt be who we r. Afta all, things change,so do lives, ppl cum into ur lyf n they go. Just believe they dunt hav tht power to control ur lyf cuz its u n ur decision tht matters. It myte be harsh but the truth is hanging on to things which isnt addin value to ur life isnt loyalty, thts stupidity.Sometimes we just hav to hit the reset button, NEVER let ur history control ur destiny!


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