Destined To Happen !!

This Feeling Came Uninvited .Made Its Way Against All Will. Didn’t Bother To Learn What Is Wrong/Right, What Is Accepted And What’s Not. We May Not Get To Choose Whom We Fall For, We May Not Stop Loving The Person We Fall For BUT We Can Always Choose How To Respond To Such Situation And I’ve Made My Choice. I Choose To Accept You Along With Your Flaws. I Choose To Be With You Despite And Against All Laws.($hriยงT)

14 thoughts on “Destined To Happen !!

  1. @Rajesh:Yeah ! U Got It Rgt Rajesh.It Contradicts My Other Post “Dear Sam”….But I Cant Help It….Though I Had Accepted Him Despite & Against All Laws…Smetymes Its Jst Too Much To Handle…..Alone…


  2. +he beauty of l!fe is present now , here when we face the events created by us .
    while doing so we have the choice of accepting the event completely and wholly or have any other feeling ..
    in either case it is the choice which matters and manifests .. hence be the m0men+ as well as be the l!fe response with due respect to universal life energy ..
    dhyanvaad ,
    .tiny infinite nothing being


  3. Destined to happen hmmm i beg to differ ๐Ÿ™‚ we may not choose whom we fall for well unless it is love at first sight . we do have choice on choosing whom we fall for . also love at first sight shitty movies propaganda where the beautiful heroin note the beautiful part falls in love with the hero who happens to be hero yes .we covet hence the love i think well the shellfish love ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    Deriving from you words i could say if you did not bother learning what is wrong or right(aww you learn what is wrong or right , better word could had been ‘know’ right or wrong or ‘understand’ but it is not the point here) and what is accepted or not , then there are no flaws ๐Ÿ™‚ or virtues(no right or wrongs) for you said you would accept in spite of flaws .hence we could come to the point love is blind ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    The last two sentences aww you rhymer ๐Ÿ™‚

    also i wrote on this one for the title was destined to happen which gave me a insight into you ,that tinyinfintenothingbeing is bit in the point .(Being and Nothingness) which make’s us north pole and south pole you destined to happen girl :).


  4. @Pawan:U say that we do have a choice on choosing whom we fall for ?I wonder if thats possible?(Never in my case hve i experienced) … at first sight is no love to me..its just an attraction(how can some1 fall in love with the person jst looking at his only eyes can be deceiving and heart can be mis leaded my the overwhelming look! …

    stimes it so happens that we fall for some1 but u don’t realize that u are falling …Love its hard to define…


  5. i better shorten my comments now onwards for my point on love at first sight is same as your but i think you read it other wise.we can choose whom we love how ? if not the then who makes the choices and i reach to your ideology which is destiny ๐Ÿ™‚ you believe your life is more about the destiny and then comes choices but for me it is all about choices we or others make.we may like some one due to their some attributes or looks but loving them rest completely upon us .like you said you do not believe in love at first sight so it must have taken some time to fall in love didn’t it .my point on choice is ,if we did not give that time to know them and then fall in love then how can there be any love .our choices defines us ,wrong or right choices is a different thing . i choose to know them then i choose to like them (ignore their flaws .well every one has flaws) then how did not i choose to fall in love with them :).but my point on our differences you destined to happen girl …destiny choosed for you .Indeed it is true love is hard to define and well all are right in our own ways :).
    still long comment but shorter then mine other comments ๐Ÿ™‚ .


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