Expecting Myself Not To Expect

As They Say-“Expectation Only Leads To Destruction”

Pple Come Into My Life Uninvited When Least Expected. Notices Me When I Am Not Even Seeking Attention. Cares For Me When I Am Least Bothered. Loves Me When I Am Not Even Longing. Gives Me When I Am Not Even Asking. Intends Me To Fall When I Am Not Even Ready. Cant Combat For Long As I Am Only Human And Slowly I Fall Along…When I Actually Start To Feel…That Is When They Leave…They Leave That Too At Their Own Convenience…This Has Happened Again When Least Expected.

Why Is It That I Always Fall For Some1 Who Seem To Feel Nothing For Me And Those Who Does Feel For Me,I Don’t Feel The Same About Them. Feelings Comes Uninvited But Pple I Feel For Doesn’t Seem To Feel Nothing .Expectation Is Seriously Leading Me To Destruction But I Dnt Know How Not To Expect?Dnt Know When And How Much To Expect And From Whom?…Wish It Was Under My Control. ($hri§T)


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