What I Feel When I Feel !!!

“Loneliness exist mostly when you are crowded”


Get into the crowd to figure out how lonesome u are.

Party PPle u may call it ,in fact jst trying to find ways to cover-up this emptiness , imbricating my inner yearnings amidst the noise of a crowd and loud music, accompanying myself with sticks of a cigarette and throwing away this emptiness in the form of an ashes while leaving the rest in disguise .

Hve a family whom I love ,sister who lovesss me(Yeah she does), loads of frens that simply adoree me.Hve a life that is blessed, job that I enjoy but still not content. How selfish of me! I know all the right things and I do the right thing but I still don’t feel alright.

Bad and mean any1 can be but what’s hard is to maintain that integrity and be good.I am good and always at my best behavior despite all I don’t feel good……..Or MAYBE its not that bad to be bad and not that good to be good ..I dnt know for sure.

Soo much crowded with all the loved ones,soo much showered with love and care but yet so ALONE.. They say it rgt “Loneliness exist mostly when you are crowded.


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