Lost you & found me


Without you, I thought I’d be weak, but I’ve grown stronger;
thought I’d miss you but all I miss is the person I thought you were;
thought I would be unable to smile, but I laugh harder.

Thought I would be leaded downhill but you see I’m flying high;
thought I’d be cold and left out, but I’m doing so much better without…
thought I’d be dead but HERE I AM INSTEAD!

Thought you were a world to me, but…
excluding you, the entire cosmos is with me.
Thought I’d lost it all, but soon realized;
no loss in losing someone who wasn’t even mine.

Thought I’d be bitter, but this feels sweet.
Thought, alone, I would be despised but I’m esteemed.
Thought I’d be jaded but feels like I’ve reincarnated.
Thanks to you, I Iost you and found me.

Days went by and so many seasons,
god, your fake intentions with no good reason.
Thought you were for real but what a pretense…
you fooled yourself but made me REALIZE–that when I lose I win.

If it wasn’t for the pain you gave, I wouldn’t have known my strength.
I was so stupid to think you complete me but now I know better,
a whole needs no another to complete itself–coz it’s complete in itself.
Thanks again, its because I Iost you, I found me.

Hit that rock bottom but only to soar high;
those tears you gave, helped me wipe all my fears.
So much stronger today and better than my yesteryears.
Thanks to you, I Iost you and found me.

Spent several nights thinking how you did me wrong;
but hadn’t it been that experience I wouldn’t have grown this strong.
Be it a hard way, a lesson learned.
In a world of 7 billion and the only person I can really depend on—is me

Thank you, coz it’s only when I lost you, I really found me. $hri§T

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