I Lost U And Found Me!



Without You!

Thought Be Weak,But Am Stronger.

Thought Would Miss U,But Only Thing I Miss Is The Person I Thought U Were.

Thought Couldn’t Smile,But I Laugh Harder.

Thought Be De motivated But Not Yet Degraded.

Thought Would Cry Out,But Doing Much Better Without.

Thought Be Dead But Am Here Instead.

Thought U Were A World To Me,But Excluding U,Whole World Is With Me.

Thought Be Alone Coz Nothing Seemed To Be Fine,Then I Realized,No Loss In Loosing Sme1 Who’s Not Even Mine.

Thought Be Despised But M Esteemed.

Thought Be Faded But Have Reincarnated.

Thought I’ve Lost It All,But I Lost U And Found Me!

If It Wasn’t For The Pain U Gave,I Wouldn’t Have Known My Strength!Thank x To U Again!

Days Passed By N So Many Seasons, Your Fake Intentions With No Good Reason.Thought U Were For Real But What A Pretense, Your Deed Simply Cause Nuisance.

Thank God I’ve Emerged Into My Complete Self,Soo Complete In Me Dnt Need No1 To Fulfil Me!Fought My Tears And Am Bolder Than Yesteryrs,Soo Much Stronger 2day Capable Enough To Fight My Fears.Spent Many Nights Thinking How U Did Me Wrong But With Bitter Experience I Grew Strong!!!Now The Only Person I Depend On Is ……“ME”!- $hri§T

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