• Majority Counts !!No Matter If The Majority Are Culprits??
  • You Follow The Majority And U Are Considered Normal??
  • You Follow Ure Heart And U Are A Sinner??
  • You Are A Hero But Only If U Die??
  • Pple Dnt Get Ure Ideas &Amp; Thoughts And U Appear Fool??
  • Need More National Holidays, But Want To Know No Reason Behind??
  • You Fake It And U Are Beautiful??
  • You Are A Victim And U Are On The News??
  • You Cant Afford To Buy A Designer Clothes And U Are Outdated??
  • Misunderstood And U Are To Blame??
  • Good Liar And Pple Trust U??
  • Cheat Smart And U Are A Successful Businessman??
  • How U Get There Is Not Imp,U Made It Somehow N Tats All That Matters??
  • Cutting Down Trees N Making Loads Of Green Papers, Whoever Accumulates More, Play God??
  • Sacrificing Innocent Animals For Experiments Nd U Are An Inventor??
  • Selling Ure Pride, Killing Ure Dignity For Green Papers, Oh Goss U Are Rich N Famous??
  • Sitting Fo Hrs N Staring @ Wrecked Stone ..All Crying Kings N Queens Go Emotional…Hear A Real Life News…And U Change The Station??
  • Even Emotions Are Sellable,Ure Emotions Can Be A Source Of Entertainment Fo Sorme1else??
  • Far-Sighted Huh!?! Jst Look Behind Ure Shoulder 1st.
  • Acting Generous But Disrespecting N Complaining Bitterly To Their Grown Old N Weak Parents??
  • Avoid Plagiarism!!It’s Very Imp To Quote A Source But Who Cares,U Found It And Its Urs??
  • Dnt Know How To Deal With Real Pple And U Call It A Society??
  • Dividing The Earth’s Surface Into Multitude Of Private Properties Nd Calling Oneself An Owner??
  • Sell Others Emotions And U Are A Creative Head??
  • Running Afta Nthingness, Chasing Afta Shadows As Though U Bind Time??
  • You Will Be Appreciated,As Long As U Compromise??WTF!!

All Young Blood Out There.Dnt Follow The Trend,Brk The Rules And Mke Brand New!!Dnt Jst Haste To Waste,Mke A Difference With Ure Existence.Lets Redefine Our Nation!Not Jst Makin Ure Living An Excuse,Stead Live With No Excuses!($hri§T)

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