Blasphemy against the *** society


The majority counts even if the majority are culprits? Ones that follow the majority are sane; choose to walk alone and you are insane?

Follow your heart and you lose; follow the crowd and you gain?
People don’t get your ideas so you appear fool?
Those who don’t get it are the smart ones, unfortunately.

Need more national holidays, but want to know no reason behind?
And yes, you are a hero but only if you die?

You fake it and you are beautiful? Dare face-off and you are a nobody. You are the victim and on the news?
You are the one being misunderstood, thus blamed?

Cheat smart and you are a success story? How you got there is not important; you made it somehow and that’s all that matters? Wow!

Good liar and you earn the people’s trust?
Be honest and boi, do you pay the price…

Exploiting mother earth, sacrificing innocent creatures and you are THE INVENTOR? Cutting down trees in the name of civilization.
Oh, how civil!

Sell your pride, and kill your dignity. Oh dear lord! You are rich and famous? Can’t afford to buy designer clothes and you are outdated?

Stare at the wrecked stone; feeling emotional in the comforts of your home? Encounter a real-life tragedy and your emotions run dry.
Can handle drama but not reality?

Plan. Predict. Forecast…
Farsighted huh? Just look behind your shoulder first.

You will be appreciated, but only as long as you compromise?
Speak the truth and you lose? 

Avoid plagiarism. It’s crucial you quote the source. But wait, who cares, you found it and it’s yours. Seriously?

Running after nothingness, to claim nothing but emptiness. Go ahead and plan, long term is good enough coz very well you bind time?
But do you?

What world we live in? All young blood out there, you don’t always have to follow the rule. Instead, break (if you must) and make new: one that’s better and it should only get better in time. Also, don’t haste to waste, rather make a difference with your existence. Let’s redefine our being, by not just making your living an excuse, but by living without any excuses. Let’s be human again! $hri§T

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